Welcome to RHYTHM Technologies


Rhythm was incorporated in 14th August `1996, with a clear objective of providing simplified infrastructure solutions, has been growing from strength to strength, marching confidently ahead purposeful information technology service backed by real job experience of system & software professionals. Rhythm addresses the growing demand for the cost-effective technology infrastructure solutions across geographically dispersed locations. Rhythm has Understanding the individual's and corporate core need, emphasis was laid on service and other meaningful sectors of the economy. The enterprise independently grew, guided by the strength of a clear vision.
Tomorrow, the best way for us to predict the future is to create it. We will continue to grow by consolidating in our core business through.

Our Vision
To deliver high-end consulting services, innovative technical solutions, and high value adding software services that assist our clients in optimizing their businesses and gaining a distinct competitive advantage.


To provide our clients products and services, which conform to Standards of Quality, Reliability and Performance. We shall strive to build a long-term relationship with our customers based on mutual trust and highest levels of behavior.

The Fact

"Almost everything you learn today will be obsolete in next few days. The intelligent way to accelerate learning and performance. To succeed in the knowledge economy requires a culture of continuous learning. "

"What is 'Today' become 'Yesterday' and what is 'Tomorrow' become 'Today'. Give your best today, be in it you tinist of duty performance, in practicing value and ethics, in fulfilling all commitments. The best will come to you tomorrow."

Our Services

1. Customize Software Development.
2. Web Site Designing.
3. Web Development.
4. Data Analysis.
5. Back Office Management Service.

Our Products

1. Hospital Managenent System.
2. Tea Garden Management System.
3. College Management System.
4. Diagnostic Centre Management.
5. Pharmacy Management System.